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Welcome. This website is dedicated to reporting information about the Depp v Heard libel trial starting 11 April 2022 at Fairfax County Court, Virginia. My name is Nick Wallis, I am a UK-based freelance journalist who reported (and live-tweeted) the Depp v NGN trial at the High Court in London in July 2020. Find out more about me on the About page.

Reporting Depp v Heard is an attempt to create a one-stop resource. I have imported the documents from Depp v NGN which I previously posted on my personal website, and I have tried to format them into an accessible timeline. I am grateful to Andrew Neale (who I met during my work on the Post Office scandal) for building this site and making it work. As I am sure Andrew would want me to make clear, all the other websites I am responsible for (including Post Office Scandal) have nothing to do with him!

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If you would like to send me a message, please use the secure contact form on this page, it goes straight to my inbox. I can’t guarantee to respond to every message, but I do read every one.