29: Johnny WINS Depp v Heard Reporting; Depp v Heard

On Wednesday the jury announced their verdict to Fairfax County Court, where Nick was eagerly waiting. They have unanimously agreed that Amber Heard's 2018 Washington Post article was written with defamatory intent, malice and crucially was totally untrue. In this final episode, Nick debriefs you on the moment the jury delivered their verdict, speaks to fans around the court and catches up with some familiar faces from the park bench. Find out more at reportingdeppvheard.net A TBI Media production (www.tbimedia.co.uk)
  1. 29: Johnny WINS Depp v Heard
  2. 28: And now we wait…
  3. 27: “A battle of the experts”
  4. 26: Kate Moss gives evidence for Johnny Depp
  5. 25: Amber Turd?
  6. 24: Winding Up to the Big Climax
  7. 23: Supercharging the Negativity
  8. 22: Johnny Depp: "A Modern Day Princess Diana"
  9. 21: Was Someone On Mushrooms?
  10. 20: Amber Heard is back on the stand
  11. 19: A busy week for the park bench (BONUS EPISODE)
  12. 18: “Maybe there is truth to what she has to say”
  13. 17: Amber Heard takes the stand
  14. 16: “Women are just as violent as men”
  15. 15: “The damage is done”
  16. 14: A $160,000 wine bill
  17. 13: “Concealing a bruise under her make up”
  18. 12: “Full of rage and inner anger”
  19. 11: “The only thing he had left to give her was his blood”
  20. 10: “Destructive drinking” and explosive texts
  21. 9: Johnny’s testimony: a broken nose and a "grotesque grumpy"
  22. 8: Depp takes the stand
  23. 7: "The law still applies to them"
  24. 6: Weekend drama (BONUS EPISODE)
  25. 5: "Mutual abuse"
  26. 4: Baruch steals the show
  27. 3: Allegations of graphic sexual assault
  28. 2: We've got a jury
  29. 1: The story so far