Hello, my name is Nick Wallis. I am a British TV, radio and online journalist and I live in England.

I became interested in reporting Johnny Depp’s legal actions when I was assigned to cover the Depp v NGN libel trial in July 2020 at the High Court in London. Having fulfilled my broadcast commitments, I crowdfunded my reporting, providing a blow-by-blow account of proceedings via twitter. As the trial progressed I collected and published witness statements and transcripts, which you can browse here.

I set up this website with a view to it becoming an online hub for my activity during the Depp v Heard libel trial, currently scheduled to begin on 11 April 2022 at Fairfax County Court in Virginia, USA.

My attendance at Depp v Heard has again been crowdfunded by hundreds of incredibly generous people who have kindly subscribed to my newsletter. Whilst I am in Virginia I will send out a newsletter every day court is sitting.

If you would like to donate to become a subscriber, you can do so here. If I am able to source documents during the proceedings, I will post them up on this website.

If you would like to get in touch, please use this contact form to send me a message. It will go straight to my inbox. During very busy periods I cannot promise I will be able to respond, but I do read everything I get sent.

Other work

Another story close to my heart is the Post Office Horizon scandal. I fronted an eleven-part award-winning podcast series on the subject, a BBC Panorama documentary and I co-wrote a book called The Great Post Office Scandal, which is available worldwide via The Book Depository

I have also fronted several crime series for Channel 5/Spike TV which occasionally show up in other countries via Netflix and the like.